Connect the target to a multi-party conference line.


Property Type Description
Required Properties
conference_name string Name of the conference line. All connections currently attached to the same conference_name will be able to speak to one another.
Optional Properties
event_callback string URL to receive Conversation Event Callback requests for this conversation.
live_talk_times boolean If true, the event_callback will receive talk time events. Defaults to false.
live_transcripts boolean If true, real-time transcription will be enabled for the conversation and event_callback will receive transcript events. Defaults to false.
live_topics boolean If true, real-time topic detection will be enabled for the conversation and event_callback will receive topic events. Defaults to false.
live_emotion boolean If true, the emotional valence will be reported in each transcript event. Defaults to false.
live_scan list List of scans to perform as the conversation is happening. Each time a scan is trigged, the event_callback will receive scan events.
live_scan[].key string Unique name for this scan to disambiguate scan events. Each event triggered by this scan will contain the key in the payload.
live_scan[].query string Scanner query to perform.
do_record boolean If true, audio recordings of this conference will be saved. A recording of the full conference will be made available via the audio property of the Conversation object. Each member’s voice will be recorded in isolation as well and made available via the channels property of the Conversation. Defaults to false.
processors list A list of strings indicating which Conversation Processors should be run on the conversation once finished. The do_record parameter must be true to process the conversation, otherwise, this parameter is ignored.


    "name": "JoinConference",
    "conference_name": "OperationsChatRoom",
    "event_callback": "",
    "live_talk_times": true,
    "live_transcripts": true,
    "live_topics": true,
    "do_record": true,
    "live_scan": [
        "key": "greeting",
        "query": "~~\"hello {name}\""
    "live_emotion": true,
    "processors": ["transcribe", "findtopics"]