Play a sound and wait for the user to enter a sequence of DTMF tones.


Property Type Description
count integer Number of DTMF digits to expect the user to press. The command will end once the user enters this many keys.
timeout_seconds integer Time, in seconds, to wait for the user to press digits. If the timeout expires, will send an empty string to the on_done callback and move to the next command in the routine.
prompt_url string URL of the .wav or .mp3 file to play at the start of the command. Normally used to communicate instructions to the phone user.
on_done string Callback URL to be sent an HTTP POST request when GetDigits finishes execution.


    "name": "GetDigits",
    "count": 4,
    "on_done": "",
    "timeout_seconds": 25,
    "prompt_url": ""

Digits callback

The done callback URL is requested when a GetDigits command finishes.



The request body contains a JSON object with the following properties:

Property Type Description
account_id string The ID of your Sift API account.
connection_id string ID of the Connection that submitted the digits.
digits string The sequence of keys entered by the user as a string. Each character in the string may be a digit (0-9), “*”, or “#”. If the timeout expires before the requested number of digits are entered, will contain the empty string. Does not include the terminating character, if provided.


    "account_id": "372718353dcf4d16",
    "connection_id": "6f5704748865267a",
    "digits": "1564*"



The response body may optionally contain a JSON object with the following properties.

Property Type Description
Optional Properties
routine list A new routine list to run on the connection referenced by the connection_id property of the request.