Paginated ResultsΒΆ

All REST endpoints that return a long list of results use a Pagination object to limit the amount of results returned in a single query.

Every Pagination object has the following properties:

Property Type Description
Required Properties
next string URL of the next page of results, or null if this is the last page.
previous string URL of the previous page of results, or null if this is the first page.
results list The list of results.

When a query has more results than the requested amount (50 by default), the next property of the returned object contains a URL which will return the next list of results, starting with the result immediately following the last one in the current list. If there are no additional results, the next property will be null.

The following example demonstrates how to use the previous and next properties to gather the full list of Conversations from the List conversations endpoint.

import requests

# List where we will store the Conversation objects
results = []
next_url = ''
while next_url:
    response = requests.get(next_url, auth=(ACCOUNT_ID, AUTH_TOKEN))
    # Raise an exception if we didn't get a success status code
    page = response.json()
    # Concatenate the lists
    results += page['results']
    next_url = page['next']