Records any words spoken by the user as text until a pause or a timeout expires.

Property Type Description
Required Properties
on_done string Callback URL to be sent an HTTP POST request when finished. See Get free response callback for details.
Optional Properties
timeout_seconds integer Time, in seconds, to wait for the user to pause. When the timeout expires, will send the transcript up to that point to the on_done callback and move on to the next command in the routine.
prompt_url string URL of the .wav or .mp3 file to play at the start of the command. Normally used to communicate instructions to the end user.


    "name": "GetFreeResponse",
    "on_done": "",
    "timeout_seconds": 25,
    "prompt_url": ""

Get free response callback

HTTP request sent when a GetFreeResponse command finishes.



The request body contains a JSON object with the following properties:

Property Type Description
account_id string The ID of your Sift API account.
connection_id string ID of the Connection that handled the command.
value string Transcript of what the end user said.


    "account_id": "372718353dcf4d16",
    "connection_id": "6f5704748865267a",
    "value": "I would like to make a withdrawal"



The response body may optionally contain a JSON object with the following properties.

Property Type Description
Optional Properties
routine list A new routine list to run on the connection referenced by the connection_id property of the request.